Making the internet accessible for everyone! - Ivan Neculiti, CEO PQ.Hosting

The modern internet is developing rapidly, and PQ.Hosting is making a significant contribution to this development. The company is a leading hosting provider with data centers located in 38 countries.аа
The company has been able to provide profitable solutions for more than 5 years by following the principle of abandoning leased equipment and regularly updating its own servers. At the moment, the company offers two types of hosting services.
2. Dedicated servers.
In addition, PQ.Hosting offers a range of services related to the launch and maintenance of web resources.
This is one of the most popular services in the world of web hosting. It involves allocating space on a shared server. In other words, several virtual servers can operate on one physical machine.
One of the main advantages of this service is its affordability. Renting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is cheaper than paying for the entire server's resources, which many projects don't even need. Additionally, a dedicated server differs from shared hosting in that it allows for more customization of software settings.
When registering for a VPS/VDS, customers will need to:
- сhoose the physical location of the server;
- specify the amount of RAM needed;
- determine the size of ordered storage.
These factors will ultimately affect the price of the service package.
In cases where the capacity of a conventional VPS/VDS is inadequate, it may not be necessary to immediately consider dedicated hosting. Instead, the HI CPUs may be able to meet your needs.
These servers are a good choice if you need more processing power rather than handling a large volume of traffic. For complex technical projects and applications, the priority is often on processor frequency. That's why this tariff package provides machines with up to 5.7 GHz in order to provide the best possible performance.
Dedicated servers
Often, a project may require more precise configuration than what read more here the design of a shared virtual space allows. In such cases, users may need to order a dedicated server, which means renting a separate device located within a data center's infrastructure. This ensures that the client has exclusive access to the resources they need, without interference from other users.
From the definition, we can see that the cost of this option will be higher, but it will also provide:
- Significantly more computing power.
- Access to advanced settings.
- Protection against power outages during peak times from "server neighbors".
This service is suitable for large projects with a high volume of users or that require non-standard hardware configurations.
PQ.Hosting = perfect hosting
In addition to the above, PQ.Hosting offers a number of other benefits when registering for hosting of any type. These include:
1. Advanced settings (the level of which depends on the package you choose).
2. Instant activation (your account is activated within 15 minutes after ordering).
3. Affordable pricing and flexible plans (you can choose a package that suits your needs).
4. Various payment methods (there are several options available).
5. Continuous DDoS protection (no additional registration required).
6. Fast speeds (from 1 to 10 Gbit/s, with full transition to 10 Gbps currently underway).
7. Free migration (we can transfer your website from another host without any additional costs).
8. Highly reliable servers (with backup connections and independent power sources).
9. Own equipment (PQ Hosting does not use rented servers).10. 24/7 technical support (our specialists will respond within 30 minutes).
PQ.Hosting offers a range of services related to the sale of SSL certificates, VPS hosting space, and DNS management. In addition to these services, it's worth noting that the company has official status as a member of RIPE (Regional Internet Registry for Europe), which allows it to register web resources internationally. This membership has been in place since 2019.

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